A Brief Background

About me
   I first came to Japan in 1974. I was just a high school student then and spent most of my time learning about Japan - its language and culture. It was a glorious year spent in the beautiful city of Kanazawa.(*Links on the top page*)
   Back in Australia, I finished an Arts Degree at Queensland University before returning.....this time to Gifu, heart of Japan, and center for Cormorant fishing.
   Since my first job as the first full-time foreign teacher at Chubu Women's College, I have worked with many age-groups in various situations. Although I worked part-time while my children were small, I have spent the last 10 years back in full-time University teaching. You will now find me in the Center for Languages and Informatics, at Gifu Women's University, a very tranquil and beautiful place set against the hillsides north of Gifu City.
   Of course, my first love is Japan: the country, its history, the language and literature, the changing scenery in tune with the seasonal changes.... gosh, I could go on for ever! But I see my main "job" here is to act as go-between, bringing Australia (and "the West") to Japan, as well as helping "the West" understand and enjoy Japan.

Teaching Subjects
   I've taught a lot of Literature, Comparative Culture, Business English and Phonetics classes in the past. I also teach ESP (English for Nurses) once a week at the Ajisai Nursing School.
   My 2007 curriculum centers around Conversational English, and Creative Writing; and for first year students, Basic Learning. I also have 3rd and 4th year seminar students looking at Culture Through Literature.
   For more details, please visit my Class Contents page.

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(Mrs) Margaret Yamanaka

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